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Frühlingsmagie für Dein Zuhause mit wash+dry

Spring magic for your home with wash+dry

For the past three years, we have been enjoying a wonderful collaboration with the talented artist Sabrina Becker, known on Instagram as justabout.sabrina. Her passion for painting and interior design is not only reflected in her Instagram account, but also in her fabulous partnership with wash+dry. By combining her artistic vision with our high-quality doormats, we have created a collection that is not only functional, but also an aesthetic enhancement for every home.

Sabrina's quote

The inspiration behind the designs

Sabrina's fabulous designs are inspired by her self-painted acrylic paintings, which she created especially for the start of spring. From colourful paintings to delicate floral images in on-trend colours like beige, grey and violet, she has created a wide range of works that appeal to everyone.

"After we built our house, I was finally able to let off steam artistically for my own walls and the pictures were more popular than I thought." - Sabrina Beckers

Three colourful designs

With vibrant colours, cheerful motifs and a high-quality finish, the La Fleur, Wild Summer and Light Blossom mats are not only eye-catching, but also a statement of your individual style. Each doormat is a work of art that brings the beauty of nature and the joy of spring into your living space.

Discover the beauty for your home now
If you want to enrich your home with a touch of spring magic and artistic flair, then explore Sabrina's collection today and get some inspiration for your own dream home.

Get your doormat now and dive into the world of Sabrina's spring magic!

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