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From now on we are ISO 14001:2015 certified companies. This means that we are not only certified according to ISO 9001, but also in the environmental area. ISO 14001:2015 is a globally recognized standard that defines the requirements for effective environmental management of a company.

With the successful certification and the active implementation of an effective environmental management system, we make responsibility towards people and nature an integral part of our corporate practice. Kleen-Tex thereby reaffirms its desire to operate sustainably and to use raw materials and energy with the greatest possible efficiency and without waste. The standard covers all relevant environmental issues, such as air pollution control, water consumption and wastewater, waste management, mitigation of climate change and the efficient use of resources.

“Our efforts were worth it and we are extremely proud to have passed the certification! For us, the well-being of employees, customers and the environment is clearly our focus. This environmental management system allows us to evaluate our environmental impact and develop an environmental policy specifically tailored to our company. In this way, we are constantly reducing our negative environmental impact and thus actively contributing to protecting our planet!”

In addition to the new environmental certification, in the future we will devote more attention to the development of sustainable products made from recycled or recyclable materials. Production in Europe and the resulting CO2-friendly delivery routes to the main sales markets are further key aspects of the environmentally friendly approach that Kleen-Tex is committed to for the future.